For my Brother and his lovely wife.

A Thumbprint Love Tree

I made this for my brother's wedding. 
Instead of a guestbook, our loved ones were asked to cover this tree with their thumbprints.
I was excited when my brother's lady told me she wanted one on their wedding day as I love the idea, but saddened to learn that most of the ones you can order online are pretty lame.
With a little help from the experts at The Paper Place and Wolfitt's I painted this tree and then
finally I had it framed at SOHO on Roncesvalles by (my BFF) Jenna Rose.
I think it turned out alright.
P.S. Want one? Holler at me ici.


  1. If you want to add some more coffee making to your art days call me: 647 338 6915

  2. Beautiful idea! I love it! Have fun at the Dom. I will email tomorrow for my headpiece. You rocked it tonight! Congrats!