sea foam blue.

Ever wonder about the logistics of seducing a mermaid?
How many is "plenty" when referring to "fish in the sea"?
What is Leonard Cohen like when he's on a booze cruise?
Answers to questions like these and much more at 
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Our Mermaid is blue, torn between a deep desire for fish mating and theromantic allure of Ladies Man, a sailor. Her ancestral grandmother appearsin dreams in the form of a Proto-Mammal to offer evolutionary wisdom. Why be sexually confused? Hybrid species haven’t the need for procreation: what fun!

Sea-foam erupts in a briny ecstatic dance toward extinction. All landwomen walk together, decided, into the waves.

Sea Foam Blue is a live analogue-projection and dance fanta-sea of inter-species love and its evolutionary consequences. Catch it at the 33rd annual Rhubarb Festival in Toronto.

February 8th to 13th @ 8:30PM
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexander St)
20$ for an entire evening of non-stop experimental/cutting-edge/emerging/queer/innovative/raw/real performance, theatre, art, dance and music.
Or PWYC on Sunday the 12th.

P.S. Were in NOW Magazine!

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