Je suis dans ce video de la musique.

My friends The Darcys recently released a beautifully realized video for their interpretation of the Steely Dan song "Josie". (Read what drummer Wes Marskell and Interview Magazine had to say about it here.)

   As musicians, The Darcys create complex melodic layered songs, often brooding and dark with highly anticipated moments of epic lightness. What I love about their music is that requires your full attention in order to experience it properly. With a modest and unassuming stage-presence they let their work speak for itself.
  As artists they are eloquent, intuitive and innovative, lightly referencing a varied array of almost-decipherable influences. They are resourceful and gracious, appreciative of the well deserved attention they receive and humbled by their fans, making them an easy group to follow and like.
   The Darcys are quickly creating one of the most interesting, innovative and finely-crafted bodies of work to come out of Toronto's music scene. 

You can download their self-titled debut album as well as their version of Steely Dan's AJA in their entireties here. (Though I would recommend picking up a real  copy- pressed on red vinyl! oo la la.)


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