in memoriam

a day out with Stella Polec
(& a jar of her ashes)

with white horse on the side of the road

at the Elmvale Bazaar (closed for the season)

Halloween display (couldn't resist)


hiding with knick-knacks (antique store outside Elmvale)

with our finds (two lamps and an urn)

with the bullrushes (on the North Simcoe rail trail)

with the last daisy on earth (probably)

stopping for lunch

with a bull

trespassing in corn fields

crossing a river

seconds later i fell in. luckily, she didn't.

fries and chocolate milk

with the lunch specials at her favourite chinese restaurant in Elmvale

outside local library with concrete cat

together at the gas station.

a mid-October day in and just outside Elmvale, ON
with an expired underwater single-use camera.


  1. oh my. this is lovely. i'll bet she loved it all.....

  2. 2012 --- still miss her as i know you do....so glad to see this....