"the lone ranger"

Adrienne was a very dusty girl who bit kittens on misty weekends. She became too sweaty to bite by age eleven and had to climb the fuck out of there. Out on the open doorknob, she met and extremely thick baby who only spoke in haikus.

Adrienne and the baby got along for 29 months, simmering and whining secretly until one painfully hot night in October, Adrienne caught a glimpse of a dark Leah and knew Manitoba was where it was at.

"Listen you bright coodle-doo, this bottle of Peeler's cider ain't big enough for the both of us." she said, and stabbed it with a rounded-Thailand.

As the baby lay bleeding at her elbow she cried a single tear from her kneecap before cursing the half-moon and making for her Canadian flag.

Now she lives in an extra extra extra medium sailboat outside Crema with her lover Hannah. They have 472 kids and two grandchildren. Every time she peels a band-aid off the floral bed sheet she thinks back to the days when the world was her muffin and it all made sense.

(D.I.Y. mad libbing on the beach with Adrienne. 21 may 2010.)

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